Road Construction Projects

Bluff and Gentile Road Project

1000W Bluff Exhibit

General Information - Road construction has begun at the Bluff Road and Gentile Street intersection. The construction area stretches along Gentile Street from the city border (~500 West) to the east border of Stillwater subdivision (~1000 West). It also extends along Bluff Street from Gentile Street to 1000 West. When the project is complete, there will be a roundabout at the Bluff and Gentile intersection.

This project will improve functionality, capacity, mobility, and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. The restricted left turns will be eliminated; traffic flows will improve having yield signs instead of stop signs at the Bluff and Gentile intersection; Free flow right turns from Gentile to Bluff will remain as a dedicated right turn lane; Vehicles traveling straight along Bluff Road at the 1000 West intersection will no longer have interrupted stops waiting behind those who are turning left; all pedestrians will be able to safely access the trail system; A pedestrian crossing will be added at 1000 West allowing safe access across Bluff Road to the trail system; Additional street lamps will be placed at intersections to improve nighttime visibility for vehicles and pedestrians; Trails will be added along Bluff and Gentile making connections at 1000 West, the new roundabout, and along Gentile at the east end of Stillwater subdivision; and Sidewalks east of the new roundabout will be added on both the north and south sides of Gentile Street. The intersection at 1000 West and Bluff will be reconfigured so the end of 1000 West will curve slightly making a perpendicular intersection on Bluff Road. This will improve visibility for vehicles and bring the intersection to current safety standards.

Traffic will be restricted throughout the construction period (March – November). Currently there is a road closure on Gentile between Still Water Subdivision and Bluff Road and other road closures are to be expected during a large portion of the project. Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists  must avoid these areas during construction. 2700 South will remain open for detours during this project. Individual properties immediately inside the project area will still have access but may be temporarily interrupted on occasion. For those who are interested in project updates, including road closure notifications and general project status, please sign up for Notify Me on the city website

Project Update

Bluff and Gentile roundabout is progressing with concrete work happening for gutters and sidewalks. The asphalt trail is complete and may be used by pedestrians. Just be careful and do not enter the construction area. Be sure to drive slow through this area to prevent gravel and dust from scattering. The base material for the road is being placed to form a solid layer for the new road. Driving fast over the base will inhibit the integrity of the base layer. Driving slow still saves time rather than re-routing a detour around if all of the roads in this construction zone were closed.


Traffic delays will occur on Bluff Road. Please watch for flaggers.


The very west end of Gentile Street will be closed to all traffic for two days: July 21 and 22. There is utility work that is scheduled to happen that requires construction equipment in the road. It will re-open to traffic on July 23.

                     Road Closure Map

Red on Gentile ST = Road closure                                                                                        Orange on Bluff RD =Flaggers in that area

10Jul2020 Construction map

2020 Road Improvement Project

1000 West  (1700 South to SR-193)

Traffic is open in both directions. Utilities are being lowered to begin milling.  

Please use caution when driving through this area and follow all construction signs and traffic control devices.

2000 West  

2000 West construction proceeded in three separate segments to best accommodate traffic. The first two segments have now been paved (1700 South to 2175 South). There are manhole and valve lids that are being raised to the surface with concrete collars. So there is some limited traffic interference. The south half (2175 South to 2700 South) is closed until that section is paved. It is not on the schedule yet, but anticipated to occur the end of July.

For those who are interested in project updates, including road closure notifications and general project status, please sign up for Notify Me on the city website . Or refer to this page.

UDOT - Antelope Dr-SR-126 to 1000 W

Antelope Drive is nearly complete. UDOT has schedule a one-inch thick bonded wearing course layer to be installed in August. When that is done, lines will be repainted and it will be complete.


Trees provide shade and appeal, but require proper maintenance to remain healthy. In order to protect trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians, trees must be pruned to allow a clearance of seven feet over a sidewalk and eleven feet over a street.

Tree Clearance Diagram