Road Construction Projects

Bluff and Gentile Road Project

1000W Bluff Exhibit

General Information - Road construction has begun at the Bluff Road and Gentile Street intersection. The construction area stretches along Gentile Street from the city border (~500 West) to the east border of Stillwater subdivision (~1000 West). It also extends along Bluff Street from Gentile Street to 1000 West. When the project is complete, there will be a roundabout at the Bluff and Gentile intersection.

This project will improve functionality, capacity, mobility, and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. The restricted left turns will be eliminated; traffic flows will improve having yield signs instead of stop signs at the Bluff and Gentile intersection; Free flow right turns from Gentile to Bluff will remain as a dedicated right turn lane; Vehicles traveling straight along Bluff Road at the 1000 West intersection will no longer have interrupted stops waiting behind those who are turning left; all pedestrians will be able to safely access the trail system; A pedestrian crossing will be added at 1000 West allowing safe access across Bluff Road to the trail system; Additional street lamps will be placed at intersections to improve nighttime visibility for vehicles and pedestrians; Trails will be added along Bluff and Gentile making connections at 1000 West, the new roundabout, and along Gentile at the east end of Stillwater subdivision; and Sidewalks east of the new roundabout will be added on both the north and south sides of Gentile Street. The intersection at 1000 West and Bluff will be reconfigured so the end of 1000 West will curve slightly making a perpendicular intersection on Bluff Road. This will improve visibility for vehicles and bring the intersection to current safety standards.

Traffic will be restricted throughout the construction period (March – November). Currently there is a road closure on Gentile between Still Water Subdivision and Bluff Road and other road closures are to be expected during a large portion of the project. Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists  must avoid these areas during construction. 2700 South will remain open for detours during this project. Individual properties immediately inside the project area will still have access but may be temporarily interrupted on occasion. For those who are interested in project updates, including road closure notifications and general project status, please sign up for Notify Me on the city website

Project Update

Bluff and Gentile roundabout .  A chip seal treatment is scheduled on this project this Thursday 9/3. Chip seal is a top layer of gravel that provides an additional wear surface on the asphalt. It begins as loose gravel when it is placed. The heat from the sun helps it to adhere to the sticky emulsion underneath. Then a final fog coat will be sprayed a few days later that will make the road black again. About a week or so after that the final pavement markings can be placed. It is essential that you drive slowly over the chip seal to prevent the gravel from spreading unevenly and to prevent gravel from flipping up and hitting other cars and other workers. If you are concerned about driving through loose gravel, you may detour around this area. However the road will remain open in all directions. Watch for flaggers who will direct traffic around the chip seal operations. Please keep our construction workers safe.

Construction will still be happening after the opening of the roundabout. Crews will be finishing up the last remaining items on the project (installing signs, lights, pavement markings, landscape and so forth). Please be aware of construction that is still happening and drive slowly to keep our construction workers safe.



2020 Road Improvement Project

1000 West  (1700 South to SR-193)

 Crews are raising utilities which will be followed by striping..

Please use caution when driving through this area and follow all construction signs and traffic control devices.

2000 West (1700 South to 2700 South)  

There are now two left turn signals for northbound vehicles turning left at 2000 West Antelope Drive. Please be aware of this and take precautions as drivers are beginning to learn and use this new turning lane.

For those who are interested in project updates, including road closure notifications and general project status, please sign up for Notify Me on the city website . Or refer to this page.



Trees provide shade and appeal, but require proper maintenance to remain healthy. In order to protect trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians, trees must be pruned to allow a clearance of seven feet over a sidewalk and eleven feet over a street.

Tree Clearance Diagram