Road Construction Projects

Bluff and Gentile Road Project

1000W Bluff Exhibit

 Bluff and Gentile

Construction continues on schedule and is expected to be complete by November. Crews will be finishing up the last remaining items on the project (installing signs, lights, pavement markings and landscape etc.) Please be aware of construction that is still happening and drive slowly to keep our construction workers safe. 


For those who are interested in project updates, including road closure notifications and general project status, please sign up for Notify Me on the city website . Or refer to this page.

UDOT Project 

West Davis Corridor

Construction crews have begun preliminary land clearing for the Layton Canal Pipeline relocation in Syracuse. A section of the existing irrigation pipeline is being relocated to accommodate construction of the West Davis Corridor highway. The work area follows along the west side of the Bluff Road diagonal alignment between Schneiter's Golf Course in West Point to Freemont Park in Syracuse. Pipeline work will continue through winter and is expected to be complete by April 1, 2021. West Davis Corridor (WDC) construction is expected to begin in early 2021 and continue through Dec 2024.

 To minimize traffic impacts, crews will bore lines under major roadways. Bore pit excavation will begin in the next few weeks at 3000 West/Tryall Drive and 700 South for crews to install pipe casings. Traffic flagging operations are happening for utility potholing operations. 

 This is not a city project, however more information is available by contacting the WDC public information team at 877-298-1991, or on the project website:




Trees provide shade and appeal, but require proper maintenance to remain healthy. In order to protect trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians, trees must be pruned to allow a clearance of seven feet over a sidewalk and eleven feet over a street.

Tree Clearance Diagram