50-Acre Syracuse Park Design

Proposed Design of 50 Acre Park 

Syracuse City is proud to announce plans for a new 50-acre park that will serve as a sportsplex for sports teams, families, and all Syracuse citizens, and also has a playground and leisure space. 

View the story map and 3-D views of the park design.

 Flythrough video of the park design.

Voter Information Pamphlet for the Park Bond Election.

Explanation of finances on the ballot question.

2018 Preliminary Cost Estimate

Planned features include: 

• Softball/little league baseball, and adult softball 4-plex. The 4-plex includes shaded stadium seating and a center scorekeeper box and concession stand that will help the growth of little and adult leagues. 

• A multipurpose field that can accommodate baseball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, etc for many of the recreational programs here in the city.  

• 4 full-size athletic fields for soccer, football, or lacrosse

• 16 pickleball courts, which will be able to accommodate tournaments

• 2 full-size basketball courts that can be split into 4 short courts and can also accommodate for tournaments

• Large playground area. The type of playground equipment has not been selected but the plan shows the size, which is approximately 1 acre.

• 4 large pavilions to accommodate parties or family reunions.

• 1 Grand Performance pavilion that will provide a space for dances, musical, and other performances

• Running/Walking trail. This trail connects into the trail to the east at Stillwater Estates, which connects into Jensen Park and Emigration Trail. It will also be part of the future Great Salt Lake Shoreline trail that will head west toward the lake.

• Grand plaza will feature shaded seating and eating areas for informal leisure space


Q and A:

How was this project chosen? 
The City has a Parks Master Plan, which sets goals for the future of  Syracuse Recreation.  The Plan is a great way to examine needed issues such as locations, acreage, and facilities in these future projects. When reviewing the goals of the Plan, a park that can support several of the goals is what helped us decide on doing a 50-acre park. 

Where will this park be located?
The park will be located at the corner of 2000 West and Gentile Street. The City has already acquired into the land and is continuing to work with City Council on funding. 

How will this project benefit the City? 
Syracuse City is quickly and continuously growing, and keeping up with this growth is our main priority. The 50-acre park will be a great benefit that will help accommodate the growth of citizens and recreational programs. It is estimated that in 2024 some popular recreational programs, including youth soccer, baseball, softball, tackle, and flag football, will not have enough space for all participants. Pickleball is also a growing spark in the City, and the 50-acre park will be able to accommodate all of these features. On top of that, on the south side of the park, is the preservation of the line-of-site view of the Great Salt Lake Shoreline Preserve  and Antelope Island. 

How can I stay up to date on this project?  
This, of course, is an ongoing project with a lot of upcoming information. To make sure you are up to date on this and other things happening in the City, follow our social media pages and refer back to this page for continuous updates! 

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