Syracuse Lions Club

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    The first president of the Lions Club was James Rentmeister, and in 1951 when it received its charter, it began to provide recreational facilities in Syracuse, only 16 years after the city had been established. Working with Cora Bodily Bybee, they helped with the publishing and sale of “History of Syracuse,” a book that covered the years 1877 through 1965. Additionally, before the building of the elementary school, that land had been used by the Lions Club to provide tennis courts, baseball diamonds, restrooms, and a bowery to the community. However, the majority of those facilities were removed in order to use the land for the elementary school. When Clyde Barber was president, the club began construction on their clubhouse, which would be used to help serve the community, being used to hold various receptions and gatherings. Construction took place during the years 1970-71 and would not have been completed without the help of the citizens of Syracuse. For example, Helen Barber provided the land and much of the interior decoration while Vern Dickerson contributed to the engineering and construction. One club member (anonymous) had loaned $10,000 with no interest to the club to have the clubhouse built and patented. Since then, the club has worked with the city to convert the old city dump into a rodeo ground as well as install ground sockets at the city cemetery so that flags can line the driveways for events like Memorial weekend.